Training Plan - 40km, 60km & 80km Rides
Whether you are training for your first 40km ride, stepping up to the 60km, challenging yourself with the 80km, or looking to structure your training in a way that will help you to achieve your goals; the Heart Foundation Gear Up Girl have teamed up with The Body Mechanic to bring you a training plan designed to help you reach these goals.

The plan includes:
• Detailed daily training plans with recommended intensity zones
• Simple but effective strength workouts, which will improve your pedaling efficiency
• Stretching routines to help you stay on top of tight quads, glutes & lower backs
• Nutrition advice for training & ride day

The 8 week online training program has been specifically designed to prepare you for this exciting event. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced programs available, so no matter what level of cycling you are currently at, The Body Mechanic has got you covered. The plan starts on Monday January 14, 2019; you will receive weekly training schedules, workouts and routines in your inbox.

To get you off to a flying start for the 2019 Gear Up Girl, join the Training Plan for $10 via the registration page if you have not yet registered, or purchase it via your Active Dashboard if you have already registered.