• To ensure that you and your fellow riders have an enjoyable and safe Heart Foundation Gear Up Girl experience, please adopt safe courteous riding at all times by following these basic principles:
  1. SLOW DOWN – relax and enjoy your ride. Remember it is not a race!
  2. Obey instructions on all event signage, or as given by the Police, Traffic Controllers, Route Marshals and other Event Personnel.
  3. Comply with NSW road rules and regulations at all times. Roads are NOT closed for the event, so please be aware of other vehicles on the roads.
  4. Extra care is required when riding downhill. Please slow down and ride carefully.
  5. Ride on the left hand side of the road at all times.
  6. Always give hand signals when veering, turning or stopping.
  7. Look behind you before you make any sudden changes to ensure it is safe to do so.
  8. Wear a correctly fitted Australian Standards approved helmet at all times.
  9. Wear bright coloured clothing to make it easier for other road users to see you.
  10. Ring your bell and call “passing” when overtaking other cyclists or pedestrians. Always overtake on the right.
  11. Call “stopping” if you are slowing down rapidly or stopping to reduce the risk of someone running up the back of you.
  12. Keep at least two bike lengths behind the cyclist in front of you when riding in a group. Remember if you tip the wheel in front it is almost always you who falls!
  13. Be careful as you pass, enter or exit the Rest and Water Stops. Look both ways and keep to the left at all times.
  14. Please ride carefully along all event shared pathways. These are open to the public and are popular with other cyclists and pedestrians, so please give way to pedestrians.
  15. Some areas on the course are off-road dedicated cycleways that may include varying surfaces including timber ‘boardwalk’ style. Please slow down through these areas.
  16. Follow the direction of Police and Event Marshals to ensure your safety at all times along the route.
  • While we encourage you to have a break at the allocated Rest Stops to soak up the amazing Sydney scenery, please remember that the route and Rest Stops will only remain open for specific time durations. After this time, the route and roads will open and return to regular road conditions. Please follow instructions of any official Event Personnel when you are asked to move along the route.
  • It should be noted that if you are unable to meet the route closure times, or need to depart the designated event route at any time, you do so as a solo, unaccompanied cyclist under regular road conditions without any event support. Should this occur, you are no longer a participant in the event and we ask that you remove your official rider number.
  • We do provide a Sweep Bus with a bike trailer for those who are unable to keep up or pedal to the Finish. The Sweep Bus will drop you and your bicycle to the nearest train station or event site so that you can make independent transport arrangements home or to the Finish Line.