Looking to get back on the bike but not too sure how to get into the swing of it? Want to find an environment to brush up on your skills and not feel intimidated? Want to learn more about yourself and your bike?

If you can say yes to any of these questions then why not sign up for the women’s only Gear up Girl Workshop! These workshops are aimed at women of all ages, shapes and walks of life; to come together, learn from the best, share stories and ask questions.

Each workshop is tailored to build your skills in a controlled environment, learn basic mechanic skills and riding skills, improve your body to get the most out of your cycling and talk to a specialist in the cycling industry.

Bicycle NSW is proud to work alongside local bicycle shops to provide the following workshops for 2015

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Workshop Type Date Event Time  Location       Workshop     Registration
Women’s Workshop Serie #3 Wednesday 8 July 2015 6.00-9.00pm Cyclery Northside More Info Open via Facebook
Bicycle Maintenance & Skills Saturday 1 August 2015 7.00-10.00am Park Bikes More Info -

More workshops can be found on the Bicycle NSW website, however these workshops are not for women only. Click here to go the workshop page of Bicycle NSW


Learn how to become self-sufficient with Cyclery Northside women’s workshop night series. Over three evenings this winter, they will teach you the basics of bike maintenance, the ins and outs of road bikes and the mysteries of mountain bikes. Turn up to all three and you’ll even get a special goody bag – and a certificate of mechanical competence! The first one will cover the basics, the second one is focused on road bikes and the third workshop will focus on mountain bikes. All three sessions are free of charge! 


Thanks to the team at Park Bikes ladies can engage and involve themselves in a maintenance workshop in the store in Olympic Park. Here you can learn basic bike mechanics like how to take your wheels our, repair a puncture or adjust you brakes. There will also be time to practice some essential bike skills and the Heart Foundation will bring you up to speed about the benefits bike riding can have on your health.

Ideas for a Workshop?

Gear Up Girl Workshops is an ever-evolving concept and we can always use new ideas. If you have any bright ideas or suggestions for future workshops let us know by sending an email to

Interested in hosting a Gear Up Girl workshop?

Bicycle NSW Gear Up Girl workshops are all about getting more women out on the bike, building confidence and knowledge, having fun, and networking with bike-minded women. They also aim to help build positive relationships between women who ride and local organisations that offer cycling related products and services.

Gear Up Girl workshops cater for beginner to intermediate female cyclists, are fully supported by Bicycle NSW, and are a fantastic way to engage with the female cycling community. Gear Up Girl workshops are flexible in providing a mix of bike maintenance skills, riding and safety skills, and discussion about female cycling related topics such as nutrition, fitness, choosing product & sharing cycling experiences.

If your organisation is interested in holding a Gear Up Girl workshop, would like to be involved, or if you would like more information, please contact Tony at or (02) 9704 0809.

Love your ride!

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