Frequently Asked Questions

What date is the event?

Sunday 11 March 2018

Can I enter on the day?

We highly recommend that you register before the registration cut-off date. Riders who register before the cut-off date will receive a discounted price and will have everything they need to turn up and start the event hassle-free. If you were not able to register in advance, go to the registration desk at least 1 hour before the start of the 80km, 60km, 40km or 20km ride.

Why do I have to provide my details to the Active registration platform?

We’re excited to be working with Active to deliver you an easy and secure registration site. Active is the platform used by many sporting events. We’ve got your security in mind and know that Active treats your information securely. Read more about their privacy assurances online here.

How can I change my registration or access my active account?

You can change your registration, buy additional merchandise or transfer your registration (till 28th of February) on Please add in your Registration ID (can be found in the confirmation email) in the blue box on the right hand side of the page which says ‘Claim Registration’. You’re then asked to confirm whether all your details shown are correct. Once confirmed you will be able to do the following things: view registration, edit registration information, change event category, purchase additional merchandise, transfer registration to another athlete, create team or join a team.

What is in my Ride Pack?

Your Gear Up Girl Rider Pack will have your ride number and rider wristband.

How much does it cost to enter?

Click here for all Gear up Girl entry fees.

Rider Pack Dispatch Details:

These will be announced closer to the ride. 

What is a Child Entry?

A child must be under 16 on the day of the Gear up Girl Ride (Sunday 11 March 2018) to be eligible to receive a free child entry.

Do I need to fill in a Parent/Guardian Consent Form for all riders under 16?

We do not have a separate Consent Form. This now forms part of the Terms and Conditions.

What are the age restrictions, limits & recommendations for each ride?

Bicycle NSW sets age restrictions as per the safety priorities given to us from the NSW Police and government authorities. As a result of their recommendations, Bicycle NSW has made the decision to set age limits for independent riding for each ride:

  • 20 km Beach Ride – 8 years and over on the day of Gear Up Girl to ride on their own bike
  • 40km Classic Ride – 10 years and over on the day of Gear Up Girl to ride on their own bike
  • 60km Coast Ride – 12 years and over on the day of Gear Up Girl to ride on their own bike
  • 80 km Challenge Ride - 16 years and over on the day of Gear Up Girl to ride on their own bike.

Children under these age restrictions are welcome to ride the 20km Beach Ride, but must towed by an adult rider or  secured safely in a baby/child seat or trailer attached to the bicycle.

All riders under the age of 16 MUST ride with a paying adult.

Why do you have age & speed recommendations for each ride?

To provide a safe event for all riders in the Gear up Girl ride, and to reduce the impact the event has on the non-event community, Gear up Girl has set age and riding speed levels to ensure each and every rider can enjoy the ride and feel safe.

The ride is not a race, but instead a celebration of cycling. These recommendations have been carefully managed and developed by Bicycle NSW to ensure riders ride within their capabilities, are grouped with riders of a similar skill and enjoyment level and don’t impact on the safety of other riders on the event.

Can I ride a tandem? Is this 1 or 2 entries?

Of course you can ride Gear up Girl on a tandem, but both riders are required to register for the ride. This is a safety requirement of the ride.

I have registered but can no longer do the ride. Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

Entries are not refundable. You can transfer your entry to someone else by logging in to your active account via Transfers can only be made till 28th of February. There is a 10$ transfer fee for all transfers.

Can men ride in the Gear up Girl Ride?

Gear up Girl is a women’s only event, we encourage all men who wish to be involved in the Gear up Girl ride to volunteer and help us provide a fun and safe event for all the ladies. There are plenty of volunteering roles from site and route marshals to riding bike mechanics and logistical support. If you are interested in volunteering click here

What sort of bike do I need?

Gear up Girl is a ride for all types of women so any bike will do.  All routes use sealed roads and cycle ways.

What if I can’t make the distance on the day?

We provide a Sweep Bus which follows the ride and can pick you up if you can’t manage to ride any further. The Sweep Bus will take you to the nearest public transport or major site so that you can make your way home from there or continue to the finish site to join in on all the fun and festival activities.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to carry at least one full water bottle (ideally two) with you to keep yourself hydrated. There are 3 stops along the 40km Classic Ride and 1 stop of the 20km Beach Ride where you can fill up your water bottle and the major rest stop will also have some food available to buy. You might also like to carry some snacks with you. There are plenty of food outlets and market stalls at the Finish Site so make sure you bring some money with you to make the most of what’s on offer. Click here to find out information about the sites

Is there a bag drop?

Unfortunately we do not have a bag drop service for the event.

Am I insured when I am on the ride?

Gear up Girl participants are not covered by insurance by default.  To ensure that you have Personal Accident and Public Liability cover, it is best to become a Bicycle NSW Member.  Existing Bicycle NSW Members will be covered by their membership and receive a discount off their entry fee. Click here to find out more about Bicycle NSW membership

Can I ride with my child in a trailer or baby seat?

Yes you can, but please make sure that your child is also a registered entrant in the event.

What happens if it rains on the day?

Gear up Girl will go ahead come rain or shine!

What time do the start sites open?

See the following page of all details about the ride and opening times of the sites.

What time will my ride begin?

These details will be announced closer to the ride.

I am riding the 20km Beach ride, how will I know what wave to start in?

You can choose a wave start time during the registration.

Will the traffic be stopped for bike riders?

All riders will have to obey road rules and give way to pedestrians on shared pathways. Our route marshals are there to direct the rider’s, not the motor traffic. There will be police and traffic controllers at certain points in the rides to control traffic.

I want to enter a team. How do I do this?

You can create or join a team during the registration process. When you’re the first one of the team to register, you can create a team. If  someone of your team already created the team, you can join that team during registration. If you want to join a team after you’ve registered, you can simply login to your Active account and manage it from there. A complete explanation on how to create and manage a team can be found here.

I have already registered, but would like to buy a jersey. Can I do that?

Yes, you can buy ‘additional merchandise’ by logging into your active events page. Follow this link then click on’ additional merchandise’ to purchase a jersey or knicks.

What other terms should I be aware of?

Full BNSW & Active terms & conditions are available on the registration platform.