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heartwebThe Heart Foundation is Australia’s leading heart health charity dedicated to reducing the number of Australians living with, or dying from heart disease – the single leading cause of death in Australia. Since 1959, the Heart Foundation has played a pivotal role in major advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease and stroke.

During its existence, the Heart Foundation has invested more than $520 million (in today’s dollars) in research, leading to important breakthroughs that have helped reduce the number of deaths from heart disease; making the Heart Foundation Australia’s largest non-government funding body for cardiovascular disease research.
Its work in funding outstanding cardiovascular research, supporting clinicians and health professionals in their practice along with undertaking health promotion and public education activities over five decades singles the Heart Foundation out as the premier body making a difference to the heart health of all Australians.

The Heart Foundation is not just a research funding body, they are also one of Australia’s most significant health promotion organisations. They run community programs such as Jump Rope for Heart, Heart Foundation Walking, the Health Information Service, the Heart Foundation Tick, Go Red for Women and the recent ‘Warning Signs’ campaign to increase awareness about recognising heart attack symptoms.

On top of this the charity also develops clinical guidelines and other health professional tools to ensure that heart patients receive the best possible care along with providing strategic advice to government and non-government organisations, and advocating for more to be done to develop a health system that can provide appropriate care and support for heart patients.

As a charity the Heart Foundation relies on the generosity of every day Australians to continue to fund vital research, support health professionals in their work, improve patient care and help Australians to live healthier lifestyles.

For free heart health information, call 1300 36 27 87 (local charges apply).
Visit the Heart Foundation’s website to find out more.

Why support us?
Unfortunately, two out of three Australian families are affected by cardiovascular disease. These are families who have lost out on many happy years together because of the devastation caused by a largely preventable chronic disease.
Few women are aware that heart disease is the number one killer of Australian women – in fact 24 women die from heart disease every day, that’s one woman every hour of every day. Many women mistakenly believe that breast cancer is their major health threat and dismiss heart disease as a condition that only affects men. The Heart Foundation is committed to ensuring that its heart health messages reach women and that women are encouraged and supported to look after their heart health.
By supporting the Heart Foundation and Gear up Girl you’ll be helping to improve the heart health of women in Australia and prevent the unnecessary deaths and suffering caused by heart disease. The Heart Foundation will do this through its awareness-raising, education and research programs.

Why participate in Gear Up Girl 2017?
Physical activity has been proven as a great weapon in the fight against heart disease and the Heart Foundation recommends at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. By aligning with Bicycle NSW’s Gear Up Girl, the Heart Foundation is whole-heartedly encouraging Australian women and girls to get on their bikes and be more active.

Some people find it difficult to make time for exercise, but there are many opportunities to be active in everyday life. Bike riding is a low impact physical activity that can be part of both daily recreation and transport.

Research shows there are six barriers to women riding, both perceived and real barriers to participation:

  • More males ride! So the perception cycling is a male domain rains on a woman’s parade.
  • Safety perceptions including personal safety
  • Women want to ride with like-minded women
  • Traffic including speed and volume of cars
  • Apparel – what to wear, do I have to wear lycra, does my bum look big in this?
  • Mobility of children

Gear Up Girl was founded in 2008 as a response to the fact that more men are riding their bicycle for recreation and transport, and we needed to encourage more women onto their bicycles.

The Heart Foundation and Bicycle NSW want females everywhere to build up the confidence to get on their bike, discover the joy and freedom of cycling and to learn to Love Your Ride!

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