Support The Heart Foundation

We need your support, please make your ride count and Fundraise for the Heart Foundation.

  • A donation of as little as $2 can equip researchers with the basic tools necessary to understand the causes of heart disease and to develop treatments that save lives. 
  • Credible and well-researched health information can be difficult to find. $10 sends a free information booklet to someone in Australia who needs help to improve their heart health.
  • Zebrafish have similar hearts to people but unlike us, they can repair their hearts when damaged. They’re an exciting part of cardiovascular research and may help us discover how to repair damaged human hearts too.
  • Did you know you can grow heart cells? Researchers can then study them and understand more about how they work and what happens to them when you have cardiovascular disease.
  • With 1 in 4 children overweight or obese it is vital we look after Aussie kids health. $350 could provide an entire disadvantaged school with a Jump Rope for Heart day including instructional skipping workshops to help increase physical activity.
  • Travelling to research facilities around Australia and internationally helps strengthen a researcher’s projects and career.  
  • Practical experience and education is vital to developing the next generation of great researchers. $10,000 funds three months of research studies for a Heart Foundation Health Professional Scholarship recipient.
  • $40,000 directly covers the cost of a Heart Foundation Health Professional Scholarship for one year, allowing a cardiovascular research student to gain practical experience and work towards a PhD, and become a future leader of cardiovascular health research.
  • A prestigious Heart Foundation Fellowship is worth approximately $100,000 each year and helps the best and brightest mid-career cardiovascular researchers to continue their work in the field, establish themselves as leaders and contribute to the growing base of knowledge in biomedical, clinical and public health cardiovascular research.